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Verolive's Digital Tranformation

Large Scale Content Creation

The Challenge: Verolive faced long-standing challenges in preparing all marketing materials for its products, distributing them to retailers on time, ensuring timely advertising exposure, and maintaining consistency in product photography.


Our Solution: To address these challenges, Verolive turned to CGWorks for the creation of its entire product range, including labels, which were later uploaded to the digital cloud software Eberus. With Eberus, Verolive can easily manage and swiftly generate images and turntable videos for flexible use in print, online, and interactive applications.

The outcome was nothing short of a revolution in Verolive’s marketing material creation approach.


The Result

  • Complete replacement of product photography.
  • Marketing materials prepared well in advance of product launches.
  • Consistent visuals for all models.
  • Cost-effective utilization of marketing budget.
  • Laid the foundation for the next stage: developing interactive applications using the same core elements.

Digital Experiences

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