Summit Journey


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Client | Sanofi

Product | Zenon

Event Agency | Eventplus

Publiced | 2022

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

We collaborated with Eventplus, combining our forces to offer Sanofi Greece an unparalleled digital event, in which a new pharmaceutical product was presented to the company’s sales representatives. The ad campaign for the product revolves around the theme of reaching the top and a similar theme was also requested for the Digital event we wanted to develop.


Based on the Eventplus script, we designed and developed a web application for desktop and tablet devices. Users could log in using their personal credentials and digitally begin their individual journey to the top. Keeping the analogy of a climber climbing to the top of a mountain, together with the digital presenter Christina Flamouri – the only Greek woman who has climbed the 7 highest peaks in the world – we encourage and inspire users to follow the path that leads to the summit.


Upon entering the application, users could freely navigate through a digitally crafted mountain and engage in the activities along its path that were specifically designed to facilitate the understanding of information about the new pharmaceutical product. Quizzes, videos, interactive 3D presentations, and video content were some of the steps users needed to explore, interact with, and complete in order to proceed.

UI/UX Design
Web Development
3D Product Visualization
Content & Copywriting
Motion Graphics
Family Icon Design

At the conclusion of the digital event, users were given the opportunity to complete a brief application evaluation survey. The feedback we received was highly impressive, as they described how, amidst the COVID pandemic, they were able to learn about the new product from the comfort of their own homes in an enjoyable and interactive manner. They felt well-prepared to initiate their promotion.


This application is part of a series of digital events for the Zenon pharmaceutical product, and the digital experience provided by CGWorks and Eventplus to Sanofi Greece was so successful that it became a case study at Sanofi Switzerland.

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