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Client | OTE Globe S.A.

Agency | Ogilvy Athens

Web app Design | CGWorks

Web app Developing | CGWorks

3D Content Creation | CGWorks

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

“Fresh and innovative” was the approach Ogilvy envisioned for the Christmas card campaign and promotion of client OTE GLOBE across the group’s 35 partner countries.


The core concept was to fashion a digital representation of the Earth, enabling user interaction through rotation. The ultimate objective was to craft a web app effortlessly accessible to all, eliminating the need for downloading the application onto their devices. Naturally, it required seamless responsiveness across all operating systems, both touch and non-touch devices, as well as compatibility with all browsers. All of this was to be executed within a relatively brief timeframe.


To accomplish this, we generated the 3D models utilizing a PBR pipeline, ensuring smooth and consistent visual outcomes across all devices. These models were subsequently integrated into our proprietary cloud software, “EBERUS,” for final rendering. We also infused the project with some custom coding magic courtesy of our in-house development team. This is how our project materialized into reality!!!


Users were granted the opportunity to “follow the journey” of OTEGLOBE’s wish around the world this year. With each rotation, the globe would spontaneously pause in one of the 35 partner countries, followed by the customer’s wish: “May the new year be an adventurous journey”, thoughtfully translated into the native language of each country.


The feedback received from users exceeded expectations, and the level of user engagement was so considerable that, on average, they remained within the app for over 3 minutes!!!

UI/UX Design
Web Development
Content & Copywriting
3D Production

Unveiling the Creative Journey


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