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The Challenge: In the realm of Point of Sale (POS) systems, delivering versatile and appealing images from every angle to potential clients posed a significant challenge. Conventional photography methods were time-consuming and failed to provide the dynamic visuals needed to showcase the diverse range of POS offerings.


Our Solution: At the forefront of innovation, we embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize POS presentations. By digitizing every POS unit, we harnessed the power of advanced 3D technology. These digital replicas were seamlessly integrated into the Eberus Cloud Software.


Instant Empowerment: Our solution empowered Cardlink with unparalleled control. Utilizing Eberus Cloud Software, they could effortlessly generate images of any POS unit from various perspectives, instantaneously. This not only streamlined the presentation process but also allowed for customized visuals tailored to individual client preferences.


Pioneering Possibilities: Our partnership extended beyond the conventional. The integration of digital POS replicas not only eliminated the need for traditional photoshoots but also unlocked new dimensions of interactive experiences. These meticulously crafted digital representations are not just images; they represent a gateway to the future of immersive technology.

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