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Client | Mayadoro

Published | 2021

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

Mayadoro isn’t just any jewelry brand; it’s a symbol of an unbreakable bond between pets and their proud owners. Every piece reflects a commitment to fashion-forward design without compromising on quality. Crafted with premium materials, our jewelry is designed not just to impress, but to endure.


The website mirrors the elegance and sophistication of our jewelry. With a contemporary design aesthetic, its color scheme is a harmonious blend of white, gray, and black, punctuated with luxurious hints of gold and pink. This visual elegance is heightened by the detailed 3D product visualizations that showcase our high-end offerings.


And for those seeking a unique piece? Our Product Configurator is at your service. This cutting-edge feature empowers our customers to design, visualize, and purchase jewelry that’s as individual as their bond with their pet.

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