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Client | PMI Greece - Papastratos

Product | lil

Event Agency | Eventplus

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

Eventplus sought an innovative way to showcase the Lil device during a live event for staff and journalists. Aiming to create an unforgettable experience, they approached us to develop a groundbreaking digital product presentation solution.


We created an interactive 3D presentation that allowed users to explore Lil via QR code. Using their mobile phones, users could rotate the device, zoom in and out as if they were holding it in their hands, and view the available colors. Through annotations, they could learn about its operation, cleaning instructions, and discover the compatible tobacco flavors.


The response was phenomenal, with users describing the experience as impressive and highly informative. Our solution once again demonstrated our capability to deliver pioneering digital solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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