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/ Interactive Web Experiences, 3D Virtual Spaces

Client | Papastratos S.A.

Product | IQOS

Event Agency | Eventplus

Storytelling | EventPlus

Web app Developing | CGWorks

Custom Icon Creation | CGworks

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Papastratos S.A. introduced the IQOS Club – a digital platform designed for IQOS enthusiasts to connect, communicate, and share photos and videos.


To engage IQOS users with the Club, we crafted a digital “hidden treasure” game. In this immersive experience, users embark on a 3D VR tour of a house, with the objective of locating and gathering essential accessories before their visit to the IQOS Club. These items encompass their cell phone, keys, wallet, and, naturally, their IQOS device. Once the user successfully collects all the necessary items, they are primed to proceed. They can unlock the door digitally and seamlessly transition to the IQOS Club environment.

UI/UX Design
Web Development
Family Icon Design

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