Gianoulis Chalepas, Return To Pyrgos

Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

/ Virtual Museums, 3D Virtual Spaces

Client | Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Museum | Chios Mastic Museum

Publiced | 2018

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

CGWorks, a trusted partner of the Cultural Foundation within the Piraeus Group, has digitized the periodic exhibition “Gianoulis Chalepas, Return to the Tower,” seamlessly incorporating exhibit descriptions. Additionally, specific sculptures have been brought to life through interactive 3D presentations. This technological advancement allows digital visitors to fully engage with the exhibition’s content, regardless of their physical location.


The exhibition, a collaboration between the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutzos Museum, was organised to commemorate the 80th anniversary since the death of Tinian sculptor Gianoulis Chalepas (1851-1938). At the exhibition, authentic sketches and plaster works by the renowned Tinos sculptor are presented, sourced from the collections of the National Gallery. Moreover, 35 of Chalepas’ drawings are unveiled to the public for the first time, enriching the National Gallery’s distinguished collection.


/ 3D Interactive Presentation

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