Eurobank Private Banking


/ Video Production

Client | Eurobank

Agency | Ogilvy Greece

Production | Foss Productions

Creative Direction | CGWorks

Storyboard Artist | M. Lagouvardos

3D Production | CGWorks

Animation | CGWorks

Particles & video edit | G. Taifakos

Music & Sound Design | Foss Productions

Decoding the Project

Exploring the Purpose and Scope

The goal of this video was to create a narrative that showcases the connection between the distinct business characteristics of Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, and London under the “umbrella” of Eurobank.


Therefore, we decided to portray these countries and the city of London as islands, each with characteristic buildings of their culture and civilization resting upon them. Additionally, we chose to highlight their emergence from the liquid element, paralleling the birth of the new alliance. Subsequently, Eurobank’s core acts as a magnet, attracting these four islands, which converge and unite, gathering the innovation of each place, and crafting a world of limitless possibilities.

/ Project Previsualization

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