BRIQI @Metropolitan Expo

El Greko

/ Video Production, Immersive Experiences

Client | ElGreco

Product | BRIQI

Agency | Sheepfish

Videography | A. Antoniadis

VFX Production | CGWorks

Compositing & Video Post Production | CGWorks

Unveiling the Creative Journey

Breathing Life into Imagination

Our Latest  El Greco campaign transcends traditional boundaries, blending cutting-edge CGI with real-world video footage to create an immersive “augmented reality” experience.


What seemed like a colossal coffee machine on top of a building was not just a visual spectacle but a testament to our innovative spirit. It wasn’t just about showcasing a product, it was about reshaping perceptions and creating a buzz that transcends the ordinary.


The campaign’s success speaks volumes, with over 200K views on Instagram within just three days, shattering previous engagement records. This unprecedented response highlights the campaign’s resonance with its audience, far exceeding previous.


This project sets a new standard in advertising, blending art with technology to create unforgettable experiences. It’s not just a campaign it’s the future of engagement.

Work in Progress

/ Behind the Scenes

Interactive 3D Product Experiences

/ Briqi Interactive Product Presentation

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