Oozing Greek essences and the iconic landmark of the Greek islands inspired us to create the visual that fuses the feelings and values of a journey to the Greek archipelago and the Cyclades with the Greek beer brand “Alpha”. The beer bottle outline transforms into the coastline of a Greek island and becomes a print, outdiir, OOH (airport banners, busses) and digital communication campaign. A distinctive Cyclades island with the characteristic look & feel (topography, architecture, flora, coastline, shore, sunshine) as seen from a plane.

The first objective was to accurately fuse the beer and island outline and to approach the outlook of the Greek Cyclades islands, keeping the chastity and avoid pluralistic illustrations that would refer to exotic, tropical illustrations. The most challenging task though was to achieve an optimum visibility vs realism ratio. The level of detail actually seen from a plane window did not serve our objective to incorporate the necessary details that would bring out the desired look. For the housing elements we created 5 basic Cycladic architecture 3d models and along with trees we created the scatter elements. Great attention to detail was also given the combination of all details of an island (streets, human presence, shores, flora and fauna) and to the creation and incorporation of the pelagic image, so that the island would look naturally submerged and its coastline and shores naturally present.

Special thanks to Soho Square agency for fully entrusting us with the project throughout the production process as this became the catalyst for the successful tackling of all challenges. 

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  • Client: Athenian Brewery
  • Agency: Soho Square
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