Blind spot

Ford Focus with Blind Spot Information System

Advanced radar technology is helping Ford S-MAX and Galaxy drivers detect vehicles hidden in their blind spot.

Ford’s Blind Spot Information System detects when a vehicle enters a blind spot zone that is defined on either side of the car.  An LED warning light illuminates in the corresponding wing mirror to indicate the presence of a vehicle – from a motorbike to a truck.

“In busy traffic, it’s very easy to lose sight of vehicles when they move into your blind spot,” said Dr Torsten Wey, Ford’s driver assistance technologies supervisor.  “With its distinctive warning light, this system helps drivers to think twice before switching lanes or changing direction without checking their blind spot, hopefully preventing a collision or a near miss”.

The system works using two sophisticated multi-beam radars which are mounted in the outer corners of the rear bumper. Using the two radars, the system monitors a blind spot zone on each side of the vehicle.  This extends from the wing mirror to around three metres behind the rear bumper and widthways by about three metres either side of the car.

Gold winner at the Ermis awards 2012.

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  • Ermis Gold 2012
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