“CG Works”. Integrated digital art services. Stirred... not shaken!



Directing your imagination!

Our place is by your side so we can develop creative concepts, gather as much information and reference material as possible and nurture an idea until it gets full shape and form and reveals its full potential in the project.



Visualizing your imagination!

CGI is the new approach to create everything you imagine, from a tiny speck of sand to vast landscapes extending as far as the eye can see. Its strong competitive advantage is that it has no limitations and rules, leaving your imagination free to do what it does best: imagine.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you need. At “CG Works” we aim to please…your eyes and heart. We stretch our artistic boundaries so that our expertise in CGI provide you with second to none final “imagery” for your print, digital and motion campaigns and projects, either when trying to duplicate real world objects, textures and shapes or create unique compositions of your fantasy land.


When a project needs combination of 3d elements within an image captured by photography, HDRI gives us the possibility to capture the environment of the image in terms of lighting, condition, reflection, color, etc. HDRI is a method to capture greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than the current standard photography methods, so as to reapply all that information onto the 3D elements in such a way so as not being able to tell which element is real and which is CG.




Used when we need to replicate with photorealistic precision real world objects, 3D scanning comes to give seamless photorealistic experience to your projects. High end photographic equipment and our team’s expertise fuse together CGI and 3D scanning to deliver you thrilling combinations of imagination and reality.



Setting your imagination in motion! 

Storytelling through motion is also on our “favorites list”. Combining 3D animation, live-action, motion graphics, sound design, we give characters and objects, not the illusion of motion, but a natural movement and effortless flow that will make your stories worth sharing. 



Taking you to places never imagined!

Is your imagination taking you to distant places and uncharted landscapes that you wish you could “visit” in your creative projects but assume you can’t? well, let your imagination run free because with “matte painting” these landscapes are totally “accessible”.

“Matte Painting” creates the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build.

Depending on the particular needs of a project, a Dcombination of techniques using photo references, 3d elements, drawing tablets and state- of- the- art equipment is used to combine digitally matte painted textures within computer generated 3d environments, making even camera movement within places that you have never reached before, possible.



Capturing the light of your imagination!

The art of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light, integrated seamlessly with CGI, “matte painting”, creative retouch and illustration brings you Award winning images. At “CG Works”, we pride ourselves on going beyond just capturing light. We invested in state of the art equipment to nurture our passion for photography along with an ever evolving quest to bring new “light” to your creative projects.



It’s not only in your imagination anymore!

It’s reality. Those final touches are making or breaking the deal. Hooked on perfection in every single detail in all stages of the production process, at the final stage we blend together all techniques engaged in the project, we make any necessary fine tunings and retouches and we give you nothing less than what you imagined in the highest quality and size. 




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